Ordering Medication- Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the preferred way to order my medication?

We encourage all patients to order their medication online where possible. You can speak to our reception team who will give you a username and password but you can also use the NHS app which is free and easy to use. You can download the NHS app in the app store.
I cannot order the item I need online as it says this medication needs a review – what shall I do?
If you are trying to order an item online but it will not let you because it is due a review then please request this item using the free-text box. We will then decide if we need to speak to you about this or continue the medication as previously discussed.

How long will it take for my prescription to be ready ?

Current turnaround time for prescriptions is 3 working days from the practice. We aim to send all prescriptions electronically to your chosen pharmacy as this reduces the risk of items going missing and limits patient contact during the COVID19 outbreak.
Please note that we have no control over how long the community pharmacies take to complete their prescriptions. If you are experiencing long delays, please discuss this with the relevant community pharmacist.

What do I do if an item is not available?

If an item is not available from your chosen pharmacy it is helpful to find out how long they think it will be before they can obtain the required stock. If there is likely to be a prolonged waiting time then you have the right to take your electronic prescription elsewhere IF other items have not been given on that particular prescription. Just ask your pharmacy to give you the prescription token and send it electronically back to the NHS spine.
Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to locate stock on behalf of patients and we politely ask that you have tried 3 different pharmacies before asking us for an alternative prescription.

I forgot to order my medication on time – can I have it today?

It is the patient’s responsibility to order medication in a timely fashion. We cannot take urgent same day requests because you have forgotten to order your medication, unless there are exceptional circumstances such as insulin and related consumables or salbutamol inhalers (if they have run out). Medication reminder apps are available from your app store and you can also use your calendar.
If you need help with ordering your medication please speak to our prescribing team.

What if I am getting side effects from my medication?

Side effects can be common when taking medication and usually settle down after a few days. If you are experiencing any adverse effects then please book a telephone appointment with our pharmacist.