Clinics and Services

Clinics and Services

We provide a range of services and clinics

In order to help you access the correct services to avoid you wasting your time and help us better direct our resources, our reception team have been instructed to take some information regarding your problem. This will help them signpost you to the correct NHS service. For example, if you have hurt your ankle, it would be far more beneficial to you, to see the minor injuries clinic who can order an X-Ray and see the results then and there if indicated rather than seeing a GP who would need to refer you for an X-Ray, then await the results before any action can be taken such as a walking boot or referral to the fracture clinic.

Children’s Services

We have a dedicated Children and Young person lead. Their role is to help children’s and families with accessing services, in particular assessments for neurodiversity (ADHD & Autism). They can help with completing the referral or signposting to other agencies that can help. Another aspect of this role is ensuring children get their recommended vaccinations in time.

Children’s hour

We have a children’s sit and wait hour on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. If you have a poorly child aged 0 – 5 years, when you call reception you can be asked to be booked into this clinic. There are limited spaces. You will be seen by our Physicians Associate who will take your child’s history and some initial checks such as temperature, then our GP will see your child for the next steps (such as diagnosis and treatment). This is currently a pilot and if it works well, something we hope to extend to the whole week.

Women’s Health

We have a dedicated GP who inserts and removes intrauterine devices (Mirena and copper coils) and removes and inserts contraceptive implants. If you feel this form of contraception would be helpful for you, please book a routine appointment with any clinician to discuss the risks and benefits and if you are suitable you will be added to our waiting list and called in for the procedure.

Mental Health

We have a dedicated mental health team at the practice. This is made up of a Mental Health Nurse, Mental Health ANP and a trainee Mental Health ANP. The team can help support you with your concerns. They can also help you to access other services such as therapy or psychiatry if appropriate.


We have a dedicated frailty team at the practice, who hold clinics on a Friday (Frailty Fridays). This team is made up of two GPs with an interest in medical care of the elderly, our clinical pharmacist, physician associate and mental health nurse and trainee ANP. The team are there to support patients with very complex health problems, this includes our patients who reside in a care home.

Long Term Conditions

Our dedicated team of nursing staff work closely with the medical team and prescribing team to ensure you have all the information and tools to manage your long term condition well.

Patient Information for LTC

Muscle and Joint Problems

We aim to run one clinic a month offering steroid joint injections to help with chronic joint problems such as arthritis. In addition to this, if you call with a joint or muscle problem our reception team can direct you straight to a physiotherapist without having to go through the medical team.

NHS Health Checks

This is free NHS service for adults aged 40 – 74 years who do not have a long term condition. It aims to identify early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type two diabetes and dementia because as we get older our risk of developing one or more of these diseases increases. You can find more information here NHS Health Check – NHS (

If you are eligible for an NHS Health Check you will receive an invite to self book an appointment via text message.