Current Covid Vaccination Position Statement for Yeadon Primary Care Network May 2021

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The Yeadon PCN (Primary Care Network) Covid Vaccination Hub, based at Yeadon Health Centre, was set up to deliver vaccines for patients from all 3 Yeadon PCN surgeries from cohorts 1-9 – our last 1st dose clinic for these cohorts will be Saturday 15th May.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in the delivery of the vaccines so far – we have completed nearly 17,000 vaccines here at Yeadon Health Centre which is an amazing achievement.


I received my 1st vaccination at Yeadon Health Centre, what about my 2nd?

Please be assured if you received your first vaccination at Yeadon Health Centre, you will also be invited back here for your 2nd vaccination between 10-12 weeks later, via text or phone call. PLEASE only contact your surgery if you have had no contact more than 11 weeks after your 1st vaccine – we can only upload 2nd dose clinics and invite patients once we get confirmation of vaccine deliveries, so can only work 2/3 weeks in advance of a clinic.

I am in cohort 1-9 and still haven’t received my first vaccination – where can I go to get it?

Anyone in this cohort has received a final invite letter from their surgery to have their vaccination at Yeadon Health Centre – after 15th May they can still book themselves an appointment at another local venue via the National Booking Service by dialling 119, or going online

When will I get called for my vaccine if I am in cohorts 10-12 (under 50)?

The National booking Service will announce the age band now eligible to book a vaccine at a local vaccination centre – please keep checking the media and their website for further information. Vaccinations for cohorts 10-12 will not be available at Yeadon Health Centre so please do not contact your surgery.

Will I be able to choose the vaccine I receive?

We have been assured that more choice of vaccine will be available via the National Booking System, but we have no control over this at a practice level and are unable to give advice on it.

I am pregnant – when will I get called for my vaccine?

We understand that pregnant women will be invited for their vaccine a) when their age group is reached or b) when they reach over 28 weeks of pregnancy. Again, this will be via the National Booking Service (not your GP practice) and they will be offered an alternative to Astra Zeneca.