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What is ‘extended access’?

It’s the term we use to describe the additional evening and weekend appointments that are now available with GPs, practice nurses and other healthcare professionals for pre-booked and ‘same day’ booked appointments.

When can I get an ‘extended access’ appointment?

In addition to your regular GP practice opening hours, you have access to the following extended access appointments:

  • Evenings (Mon-Fri): 6:30pm to 8pm
  • Saturdays: 8am to 2pm
  • Sundays: 8am to 2pm

Who can get an appointment in an evening or weekend?

Anyone can use the ‘extended access’ appointments. However, this service is ideal if you:

  • Find it difficult to attend an appointment during the working day (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm)
  • Are a busy parent with small children; or
  • Rely on working carers to take you to appointments.

How do I attend an extended access appointment?

You can access face to face or telephone and video consultation appointments via the extended access service. This will be based on individual need and the nature of the appointment required.

As of September 2021, face-to-face extended access appointments are carried out at the Park Road Medical Centre (44 Park Road, LS20 8AR), previously, this was at Yeadon Health Centre. This means your appointment may not be with a member of staff from your usual GP practice. They will have access to all necessary information about you to give you the care you need.

Virtual consultations are carried out online or by telephone and you will be provided with guidance and instructions for how to login to your appointment (you will not be made to have a video consultation if you are unable to do so).

What services can I get from extended access appointments?

Extended access appointments provide routine appointments you’d get during normal opening hours, this includes:

  • GP, nurse and health care assistant appointments
  • NHS health checks
  • ‘Healthy Minds’ mental health appointments (for more information, please contact your practice)
  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) appointments

How do I get an extended access appointment?

Extended access appointments are only available via booking. There is no ‘walk-in’ offer. To book an appointment, you must contact your own GP practice. You can book via telephone or by using your GP online service (speak to your own practice for more information).

Always cancel any appointment you no longer need, someone else could be using it.